American Magazines

American Quarterly, John Hopkins University Press
Arethusa, John Hopkins University Press
The Atlantic Monthly
Boston Book Review
Critical Inquiry, University Press Chicago
The Mississippi Review
Modern Fiction Studies, John Hopkins University Press
Modern Philology, University Press Chicago
The New Books Review
New Literary History, John Hopkins University Press
The New York Review of Books
Philosophy and Literature, John Hopkins University Press
Postmodern Culture, an internet magazine
Press, a literary quarterly
Review of Contemporary Fiction
The Stuttgart Review
TimeWorld Wide
List of Magazines
Electronic Journals
American Authors

Edward Albee
Paul Auster
Saul Bellow
William S. Burroughs
Stephan Crane
Willa Cather
Hart Crane
Emily Dickinson
Don DeLillo I
Don DeLillo II
William Faulkner
F. Scott Fitzgerald
Nathanial Hawthorne
Ernest Hemingway
John Irving
Henry James
Jack Kerouac
Herman Melville
Toni Morrison
Vladimir Nabokov
Celestial Timepiece: Joyce Carol Oates
Clickinks: The Life and Work of Joyce Carol Oates
Flannery O'Conner
Edgar Allen Poe
Thomas Pynchon
Philip Roth
J.D. Salinger
Dylan Thomas
Mark Twain
John Updike
Kurt Vonnegut I
Kurt Vonnegut II
Kurt Vonnegut III
Edith Warton
Walt Whitman I
Walt Whitman II
Thomas Wolfe

Amazon, Internet Bookstore, USA, Internet Bookstore, Germany
Antique books
Bookshop, Internet Bookstore, UK
Bookpages, Internet Bookstore, UK
Borders, American bookstore
Bibliofind, for old, used and rare books
Search for Dissertations published in Germany
Time Out, Internet Pubishings
Penguin UK
Shuttle, English literature not only American
Book lovers, general sites on books and literature
Purefiction, book reviews
University Press

Chicago University Press
Harvard University Press
John Hopkins University Press

Dissertation library
The John F. Kennedy Library
Presidential Libraries
Libraries On-line
Literature and Hypertext Resources
Another American Studies Web

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