Monolingual English Dictionaries and Archives
Merriam Webster
Oxford Advanced Learner’s
Cobuild’s Bank of English
English - German and German - English
Langenscheidt’s T1 Translation Memory
Leo’s Dictionary
Specialised Dictionaries / Fachwörterbücher
List of Specialised Dictionaries containing among others technical terms
Wordreference.com Translate various Languages to English
Lists of Dictionaries / Übersicht von Wörterbüchern
Yahoo list of dictionaries
Dictionaries for many languages
Dictionaries and a Thesaurus on one page
Merriam Webster Thesaurus
Dictionaries and a Thesaurus on one page
Grammar & Linguistics
The Online English Grammar (by Anthony Hughes)
English Grammar 101 English Grammar Tutorials
Guide to Grammar and Style by Jack Lynch
Common Errors in English
Guide to Grammar & Writing
Grammar Lady's Successors: Grammar Board Grammar Hotline

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